Thank you so much for your thoughtful response. All of these tactics are part of the dangerous direction we are heading in as a country. I especially appreciate your perspective as a former cult member for adding context to the problem of disinformation, as this is the most terrifying thing that has gained power through social media and Trump’s presidency. I have noticed that many of Trump’s supporters commenting on this article point to more disinformation and propaganda in their responses. If we as a society don’t have a factual basis to begin with in our policy and political discussions, disinformation and lies take root. This is why Trump won’t disavow Q’Anon — he needs disinformation to win. And as further proof that many of these followers have cult like tendencies, look at what happened in Nebraska last night; hundreds of Trump supporters left out in the freezing cold for hours after Trump left them there without adequate return shuttles to leave the rally. Seven people were hospitalized and many more left in the cold for hours. A fitting analogy for what Trump does for America . . leaving even his most ardent followers out in the cold.

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