I think you are missing the point. I'm in Florida on business (the very Republican panhandle) and a resident told me that "I don't have to wear masks because they don't work and aren't necessary." He knows this because that is what Trump has been saying - for 6 months - and he listens to Trump. Trump didn't wear masks either (they were for wimps according to him). Now he is in the hospital getting every fancy treatment you can dream up. There is a price for stupidity, and Trump is paying it now. The rest of us better wake up as most of us don't have the luxury of million dollar treatments being dumped on Trump right now - all because of his own recklessness and stupidity. I also find it interesting that Trump's campaign guy (ummm, I meant the number 2 campaign guy - the number 1 is sick with Covid) said today on Meet the Press that he spoke with the president and he wanted to remind us all to "keep social distancing and wear your mask." We know Mr. President - looks like you finally got the message the hard way!

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