But that still isn’t an argument to vote for Trump. There is no evidence that Biden would not call in the National Guard if needed in response to a national emergency. In fact, there was lower crime in America during Obama/Biden than during Trump’s presidency, and that includes democrat run cities. Don’t fall for Trump’s divise arguments about crime; he is the President now, and you should vote him out if you don’t like how things are as he is currently the one in charge. It should concern you that he takes “no responsibility” for anything happening — meaning he will abandon ship in a crisis (just like he has with Covid). In addition, most states have their own resources and don’t need the NG to come in and make things worse, especially with the President fanning the flames and refusing to criticize right wing militia groups — even as teens are driving into surrounding states with their own assault rifles (Kyle Rittenhouse) — killing protestors and risking even more out of control violence. As a final point, 23 states have deployed some National Guard troops in response, and many of them were democrat cities. You should think twice about voting for Trump if you think things are bad now. . . they are only going to get worse.

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