And Who Will Stop Them If They Do?

There is a new crisis percolating in America, stoked by the sitting president of the United States. This is something that has been unimaginable in my lifetime. While the most vocal Trump supporters have been fierce defenders of Trump, they now find themselves testing lines to see how far they can go. While four years ago it was alarming to see crowds chanting “lock her up,” we now see words moving into actions on many disturbing levels, and across many states.

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A few days ago in Texas, a caravan of Trump trucks flying Trump flags attempted to drive a Biden campaign bus off the road. Surely the sitting president expressed outrage at his supporters targeting his opponent’s campaign in a way that could have led to a serious accident or death? Nope. He tweeted “in my opinion these patriots did nothing wrong.” This serves as an invitation. If there is nothing wrong with driving your opponent’s bus off the road, what else could those same supporters try? Is there “something wrong” with standing by the side of the road and shooting at cars with Biden bumper stickers? Is Trump’s idea of patriotism anything and everything that hurts his opponents? …

The end of NXIVM might shed light on where the country is headed

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About ten years ago, my new neighbor in Austin, Texas invited me to a meeting with a group called “Executive Success Programs, aka NXIVM.” …


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Startup founder, Modern Mom on a Mission

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